The Bike is Here!

Today was the day that I was reunited with the bike. After more than two months of waiting and after splurging over $2,600 in shipping and port fees, I have my bike! In Canada!

Actually, I almost have it back. The front brakes seized up during transit, so I took out the front brake pads and rode with only the rear brake from Vancouver to Chilliwack – not something I care to repeat. The bike is in the workshop right now and I should be back on the road properly tomorrow afternoon.

The rigours of Russia shall be healed and the ol’ girl shall be set up to take on some more challenges.

Today’s short ride back to Chilliwack really lifted my spirits – just being back in the saddle once more was a great feeling, and I’ve now ridden on the third continent on this adventure 🙂

The trouble about surface shipping is that it is slow and expensive. It sucks… a lot… and has forced me to rethink the next leg of the adventure. I don’t think my remaining cash is going to get me to Costa Rica and back, which is a shame, but I should still be able to get down to Mexico and back up to New York City and Boston. The trees are starting to change colour here too, so the ride down the west coast of the Americas should be gorgeous.

I didn’t take any photos today, as I was only with the bike in a shipping yard and at a bike workshop – not very scenic locations at all. I promise to do better tomorrow and take a photo of the bike in front of a Canadian flag. Maybe a US flag too 🙂

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