North Carolina Oasis

Louis the dog

I found an oasis and made some new friends here in North Carolina. After a fun ‘fire pit party’ on Saturday night, I’ve been hanging out with Chris and Sandy waiting for the worst of this cold snap to pass.

…and they have a nice warm shower and a beer-stocked fridge. Yeah!

I’m now well into the final stretch of the USA, and the deep south has been great fun. The people from Mississippi through to North Carolina have been very friendly and chatty and the autumn scenery has been spectacular. The only bummer is the desperately cold weather that’s hanging over the area at the moment. Camping towards the end of last week was a very chilly experience indeed.

I’ll be checking the weather tomorrow morning (Tuesday) with a view to hacking up the east coast towards New Hampshire over the course of the next three days.

The bike is holding up well and I have a new cache of wooly socks (thanks Sandy). If I can get up into Northern Virginia tomorrow, then there’s only Washington DC and New York City between myself and the Nashua (NH) waypoint.

Fingers crossed for a reduction in chilliness!

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