Return to the Pacific Coast

Tomorrow it will be two whole calendar months since I left Russia and started my bikeless wait. To go from being on the (usually open) road every day to just ‘hanging out’ has been odd, but the time has passed quickly. That must be a goood thing.

For the most part I was hiding out in New Hampshire (USA). A populous place where one is spoiled for choice when it comes to fast food dining establishments, New Hampshire was a far cry from Russia in almost every way. I did meet some fun people though (in some fun bars) and it was nice to see my dad and step mum again.

Back to the Pacific coast, and British Columbia is veeeery nice indeed. Mountains all around, with some spectacular onces spotted in the distance, I’m looking forward to exploring this area on the bike. The trees are turning gold and red here, the skies are still blue and the people are friendly.

Oh, and the money has the Queen on it 😀

Bike news – the ship has finally arrived in Vancouver and the bike iteself gets delivered to the shipping company on Tuesday 30th of September (two days from now). Assuming that clearing the bike through customs is painless, I should be back on the road for Wednesday or Thursday.

My fingers are doubly crossed for the week – I urgently need to resume posting photos of gorgeous scenery, partially obscured by a scruffy motorbike. The only photos I’ve taken recently have been those of my various breakfasts – if you really want to see those then checkout my Facebook feed (pardon the pun), but I shalln’t bore you with bacon and bean photos here 🙂

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