Oh Canada!

Oh Canada!

Russia feels like a long way away now!

Im sat in an “RV (and camping) Park” not far from Vancouver (Burnaby Cariboo RV Park) and it’s a different world from Vladivostok, let alone Siberia! Either Canada is rich or Russia is poor, or both. There are also multiple ethnicities here – the lack of diversity in Russia isn’t something I noticed until I was back in a diverse population again.

It’s weird to be back in ‘The West’ where things are once more familiar, and still very different. The Queen is on the money, but it’s like… you know..? Every sentence ends with an upwards inflection… like really, eh..?

It’s nice though. Canadians seem pretty cool. The 4x4s here are fucking huge! In Vladivostok there were many right hand drive Toyota Land Cruisers, but here the equivalent vehicles are like juggernauts. Massive! I hope one of these things doesn’t hit me while I’m on the bike.

Oh.. The bike…

Five weeks away, I reckon. I miss having the bike like a teenager misses their lover.

I am pining.

Oh well. Jet lag is abating and I now have a 110v charger for my tablet so I can sort out a flight to my Dad’s place. That’s my job for tomorrow.

At $40 per night camping, I would expect WiFi Internet access to work, and to be included. It doesn’t reach my tent and it costs extra!

The toilets are good, but $40 per night!? Welcome back to The West. Give me goulash and a beer for £3, a car park to sleep in and I can hold-off from having a poo.

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