Made It Across Russia

Vladivostok Fortress

It’s actually the early hours of Friday morning and I’m at a cafe just outside of town. I’ve spent the past couple of hours (and 50 miles) riding around Vladivostok looking for a hotel room. Either all the hotels really were full, or none of them wanted a scruffy biker darkening their doorstep. I look and smell like I’ve been dragged through a hedge backwards.

I am knackered!

Plan tomorrow. Find a cafe in town with Internet access, get a good breakfast and email Yuri.

The riding over the past couple of days has actually been pretty easy. The highway has been good (roadworks aside) but I got properly soaked today.

Anyway, the hardcore part of Russia is done – now it’s just paperwork/bike-shipping.

I’m really looking forward to Canada now. Not so much the sitting around waiting for the bike, but being able to communicate with people properly. Oh, and having money with Queen Liz on it – as it should be :).

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