Somewhere East of Chita, Russia

Russian Cognac

I need to do more daily miles but I keep waking up an hour late. Not through sloth but from living a 23 hour day because of changing time zones all the time.

This morning’s oil change went well and I met a nice bloke called Alexander. We chatted in broken German & English and shared coffee and fags. This all lead to it being midday when I hit the road.

The twisty forrest-laden mountain roads of lake Baikal soon gave way to a whole new landscape. I really feel like I’m in Asia now. Today involved a series of exposed plateaus ringed by mountains. Huge skies, distant storms, birds of prey (big ones) and farming settlements. There was even a yurt, but I think it was a tourist-thing.

People still presume me to be German or American, but friendliness and kindness are still everywhere.

Alexander’s Sat Nav suggested that Vladivostok was 4,800 Km from last night’s camp. I’ve done about 400 miles today but I need to be doing more.

Early start tomorrow. I’m going to have faith that the front sprocket will hold out and just spank the next 2,500 miles. I’ll aim for 600 miles tomorrow, then throttle-back for a couple of days at 400-500. I’ll reevaluate on Wednesday. I want to be in Vladivostok on Friday!

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