Bob’s Biker Bar, Omsk

Bob's Biker Bar, Omsk, Russia

Fuck. A roller-coaster of emotions this week. I was feeling quite low yesterday. Not from being stuck in Omsk so much, more from feeling not-in-control. Also, worrying about making it to Vladivostok in time for my flight or even my visa. Still, if you roll-with-it then things tend to work out.

Sprockets are here!

It’s only mildly annoying that I’d had a beer (about 1.25 beers, really) when the DHL status web thing told me this. That just meant getting taxis around town instead of riding.

I’ve demonstrated a gross lack of imagination this past 7 days. Stuck in the (actually strangely pretty) city of Omsk, all I’ve done is wander around trying different bars and reading. I finished that book about Tom Sawyer and ploughed through another Iain Banks. I like Mr Banks, but he tends to write about being a bored young man who drinks a lot (and then drinks whiskey). I did these things when I was bored in Leamington. Now that I’m bored in Omsk, I’m reading about a Scotsman doing these things.


I’ve met some fun people here though, and I’m starting to get recognised in the street and in bars. I cannot wait to hit the road again tomorrow!!

Jenni’s not received her birthday card yet :(. I posted that early too. The more I think about it though, the more I suspect I actually sent her a Russian bereavement card by mistake. Oops.

I think one more beer (it’s still quite early) then drop the bike stuff at the hotel and get things packed and ready for tomorrow morning’s maintenance effort…

…Then hit the road again!

Happy when moving forward!

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