Goreme, Kapadokya

Wild Camping in Central Turkey

After hanging out in the city of Samsun for a full week, I’m finally back on the road and exploring Turkey. Goreme, to be specific.

It feels great to be moving again, and I’m now camped in the ancient area of Kapadokya, surrounded by unusual cave dwellings amidst modern tourist cafes and bars. It’s lovely here, and there are so many tourists that I can speak English with ease. My schoolboy German has been improving slightly, but communicating with people has been tricky up until now.

This whole area seems to be a national park and it is covered in excellent off road trails that the bike has thoroughly enjoyed. I have some pictures of that but my Android tablet has decided to play up and I need the use of a laptop to fix it. Poop. Once I’ve given it a kicking, I’ll upload those.

I’ve also been given some local travel advice to concerning eastern Turkey so the next few weeks should fly by, with mountains, trails and a bit of the ancient world of Mesopotamia – I’m really looking forward to that.

The next few weeks will culminate in my arrival at Trabzon, whereupon I shall get a ferry to Sochi, Russia. No Georgia for me 🙁 All the information I’ve seen points to a difficult or impossible border crossing and I don’t have the time to risk that not working. Hey ho.

Here’s a picture of a dam that I managed to extract from my camera before my tablet got itself in a twist.

A dam in central Turkey

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