Whizzed Through Bulgaria

Whisky in Greece

Bulgaria – that was quick.

I didn’t really give Bulgaria much of a chance, and the campsite that I stayed at (4 Euro for the night) was straight from communist times. Very odd indeed. I think I was the only person staying there, pitched amongst a cluster of ant hills and empty chalets. It gave me a chance to stsrip down the bike and give it a good clean though, so job done.

I guess I could’ve tried to make friends with one of the many working girls by the roadside, but I wanted a different sort of ride.











The ‘civilisation’ of Greece is welcome for sure, and it’s warming to be using BP & Shell garages again, as opposed to LLUK & Gazprom. I’m also back in the Eurozone. In a way, I feel like I’ve taken a step backwards, retreating to familiarity. That said, I’ve topped 4,000 miles so it’s time for an oil change.

There are many many bikes here so finding a bike workshop was a doddle. In fact, the first one I tried had a Yamaha XT600 oil filter in stock, complete with O rings. RESULT. They also had a 120/90/17 rear tyre on the shelf. I’m tempted to pick that up in the morning on my way out of town. Maybe it would sae having to order them in Turkey.

Anyway, oil changed, tyre pressures checked and adjusted.

All systems go for Turkey!

[exploring by foot]

Greek beer really isn’t very good.

21:30 – Campsite bar.

No Euros in my pocket. I have cash from 4 countries and a pile of change in the tent, but no Euros.

They just gave me a beer anyway.

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