More New Friends

Camping in Romania

I’ve been hanging out for a few days at a lovely little family-run campsite near Paulis, called “Camping Route Roemenie”.

Mihai came through with the tyres and air filter yesterday so the bike is all set until the next oil change.

I ended up at the Romanian stage of the world championship supermoto in Arad on Sunday – good fun. All set up with my zoom lens & tripod, an official explained that had I arrived earlier I could’ve got an official “photo vest” and full track side access. Shame.

Action photography was fun.

Hang on – I’ve already written about this stuff. Oops.

A lazy few days on this lovely campsite. That’s right. The family here have been very friendly and I now have quite an insight into Romanian politics and outlook. The people say that their post-communist freedoms allow them to bark at the tree as loudly as they like. There is a despair here, a resignation to the status quo. It’s a shame, and they know it’s a shame, but the corrupt political “aquarium” is seen as a closed system, with its effective control over people’s lives as too big to tackle :(.

Everyone I meet is so welcoming though, and talking about Romania, the world, life and everything is real good fun here.

Tomorrow I will be heading east towards Sibiu and the (apparently) amazing mountain roads near there – very much looking forward to that.

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