Camping in Romania

Camping Near Miniș, Romania

Hot. It’s hot. Yup, that cyclonic storm has well and truly passed and it’s sunny again here. I’ve been at a little family run campsite for a couple of days and it’s all been nice and relaxing. Maybe that has something to do with us being in the wine producing region? Possibly.

Romania is a great place to visit. Cliché as this will sound, the people here are fabulously friendly and welcoming and it’s been fascinating to gain an insight to Romanian politics and how people see their country’s past and its future. It’s been suggested that the revolution some 25 years ago has brought freedom – the freedom to bark at the tree as loudly as you like. The people at the top still hold all the cards and make all the moves, but one is now permitted to talk about it aloud.

I tried to leave the campsite today, heading east for the mountains. About 15km out of town I saw that my tripod was missing. Argh! One U-turn and 15 very familiar kilometres later I’m back at the campsite. ‘Nope, it’s not here’ is their bemused retort. Ah, there it is, strapped to the bike but it’s just shuffled itself around so I couldn’t see it in it’s usual place. Oops. Another coffee and a chat later it has gone past midday. Oh well, I guess I can hang out here another day and enjoy the sunshine. The joys of having no fixed itinerary 🙂

Now the mountains are for tomorrow. Several folk here have said words to the effect of, “have you been to that road that was on Top Gear?”, with my parrot-fashion response being “I don’t watch TV”. Anyway, I have now been shown this road on YouTube and I must, must, must go and explore it. The camera battery will be charged and there will be many bike/mountain combination photos taken. I will see to it.

Here is a picture of the lovely family that runs this campsite (

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