Supermoto Grand Prix

Supermoto Grand Prix, Arad 2014

Today was one of high-octane supermoto racing in Arad. The world championship (Romania stage, obviously), no less.

It was funny watching lots of bikes that look an awful lot like my Yamaha scream around the part-surfaced part-dirt circuit and clearing massive jumps with apparent ease. To think of the effort it took me just to man-handle my bike in turning it around in that muddy dead end yesterday.

Camera fun was had. Taking pictures of fast-moving bikes and trying to capture the speed and excitement was a challenge. Amongst the plethora of lacklustre/blurry shots I managed to get some nice ones… and the shots got better as the day progressed.

Action photography – more please.

I’m on a campsite for tonight and tomorrow so I can do some laundry and take a shit in clean facilities before hitting more wild camping overnighters. This also sets me up nicely for picking up the new tyres on Tuesday. It’s a lovely little campsite and they take Euros so I can use that cash I took out in Slovenia.

I’ve just read, on the BBC website, about flooding in Bosnia and Serbia – exactly where I was only last week. That makes me sad – for the nice people I met there and the peaceful way they live :(.

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