Camped by the Danube

Aeroplane Wing Memorial in Serbia

Bosnia was interesting. After following the Croatian coast road down just past Split, I turned off into the mountains and headed for Mostar to see the famous bridge. The mountains were fun but Mostar was just depressing. I had it in my mind that seeing bullet holes in buildings would be interesting. I didn’t realise it would be disturbing tho. So I headed north to Sarajevo to cheer myself up 🙂

Just north of Sarajevo I found a cool little family run motel where the daughter spoke English. What a hoot. I was about the only guest there so we all sat around the head table, smoked cigarettes and talked about all sorts. Very friendly and a much needed light relief after some heavy riding. We compared national curiosities, talked about the Bosnian war, and discussed why Manchester City are better than Manchester United (I just smiled and nodded and said something about Liverpool FC).

I’m now in Serbia, camped next to the Danube. I like Serbia a lot so far. The countryside looks like the Champagne region of northern France (apart from the odd horse and cart), the people are very friendly, and they’re curious about seeing a Brit trundle through their sleepy villages on a thumper-sounding bike. I like it here.

Oh, and we all stayed up late on the campsite drinking Serbian beers. Yay for pissed-up Australian travellers! 🙂

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