Amazing Coast Road

The Coast Road in Croatia

The ride from Obrov to Zadar today has been one of the most enjoyable experiences of my life.

I started off by wanting to lay down some miles and thought the coast road down to Zadar looked like a reasonable way to do it. Early on in the ride I had to present my passport for inspection for only the second time so far (Switzerland being the other).

After a short stint on the cheap paeage I slipped off onto the coast road.

NOTE: Don’t withdraw a pile of Euros in Slovenia and then expect to spend them in Croatia!

After passing through Rijeka the fun began to unfold. Croatia’s roads are like Slovenia’s – brilliant! As I swung through the series of leisurely linked corners to Senj, the number of Italians on the road began to wane (Italians are nutters behind the wheel). Croatians are very courteous and considerate drivers and the whole experience was lush.

I took an unplanned detour at Senj and ended up having a little jolly in the mountains.

But then… leaving Gospic and beginning the descent towards Karlobag I entered bikers’ paradise. With its race track quality surface and barely a straight line in sight, euphoria consumed the bike and she took me on my own personal rollercoaster.

Such things happen when biking, and they are great. However, this ride went on… the scenery opened up to the spectacular extreme of the Adriatic and its overhanging craggs… and then the road became more fun, and Zadar was still 40Km away.

To be blunt, I don’t have a broad enough set of adjectives to describe how amazing the ride was today, and it will take serious time for the beaming grin to fall from my face.

Some other stuff happened today, but I care not for whatever it was. My campsite is nice (somebody’s back garden onto the sea), but it was ALL ABOUT THE RIDE!


Gospic (in the mountains)



Towards Sibenik

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