The 1,500 Mile Mark

I have now ridden further east than I have ever done so before but it’s only been 1500 miles since Kang’s shop. It’s been a great experience so far! Trieste… What a beautiful city that was. I tried to take a photo of it from atop the hills on the ride down into it, but it was hard to get a good angle for the shot. I couldn’t have done justice to its splendour anyway.

Slovenia has been beautiful so far too. I didn’t know what to expect at all in terms of geography or infrastructure but it is a series of exquisite green valleys and vinyards with tiptop roads to link them. Seriously, these roads are as good as those in Austria and Switzerland. You could have some serious fun here on a sports bike!

Things are finally getting a bit cheaper too. I’m in a biker-friendly guest house/bar/restaurant because I am in medical need of a shower. Blurgh. I’m writing this sat outside so I don’t offend anyone’s sensibilities.

My very limited Slovak is so far working not bad considering they speak Slovenian here. ‘Pivo’ means ‘beer’ and the Slovenians do a better job of making it than the Italians do!

My paper maps have a gap in them between here and Romania but I’m thinking of detouring south to Mostar in Bosnia anyway – I’d like to see the famous bridge there but it depends on how far out of the way it is. I guess I could just head down to Greece and get a ferry to Turkey from there? Time for some pondering…

Here is a picture of some Slovenian beer.

Slovenian Beer
Beers and Scribbles

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