Camping near Venice

Heinz and his VW Transporter

I greet this sunny morning just outside of Venice with my first hangover in over a week. Heinz is right – the Greeks don’t know how to make wine! I will come back to Heinz shortly.

Yesterday’s ride was not bad, if a little dull. I took the equivalent of a UK “A” road from Como to Venice, watching the mountains on my left reduce to mere hills. I could easily have pushed on for another 100 miles or-so but it seemed daft to bypass Venice.

The campsite here is pretty good and I’ve bumped into my first Brits since Calais. And also… Heinz.

Heinz is parked a few yards away in his VW Transporter camper, and a more veteran traveller I have not met.

Heinz says “Would you like some wine? It’s Greek, not very good, and I’d like to get rid of it” (or words to that effect).

We nattered away for hours talking about places, journeys & people. Good fun indeed.

Today I shall see Venice, then tomorrow an early start to get to Slovenia for early afternoon.

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