Still at the Lake

Lake Como, Italy

Today has been of a much more relaxed pace than the previous days.

Coffee & criossant for breakfast in Menaggio’s main square, chatting to a lovely American couple from Vegas, was a nice way to start the day.

I’ve had the front brake off the bike and that is definitely the source of the grinding noise. Once of the pistons seems to be getting stuck in a semi-on position. I’ve given it all a good clean – hopefully that’ll sort it. Worst case scenario is that the front brake pads will wear down quickly.

Sunday in Italy – everything is closed, apart from pizzarias and a couple of tourist tat shops.

Downside: I couldn’t find any food for self-catering.

Upside: I had a gorgeous pizza on a little side street.

It’s now 14:15 and I’m back at the campsite (campeggio) with a beer and not much to do. After some lazing about, followed by a bit more lazing about, I’ll get packed up for tomorrow’s ride. If I can get going early then I might be able to make it to Slovenia!

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