Finally Dry at the Italian Lakes

Pizza near Lake Como, Italy

Crossing the Alps to escape that foul weather was definitely a good idea.

Entering the tunnel north of St. Bernadino, it was trying to snow. I emerged on the southern side to itness blue skies and warming of the air for every metre descended. It was a long, slow, gorgeous winding descent through southern Switzerland, with sweeping corners and breathtaking views. The sight of the snow-melt causing a thunderous waterfall onto the rocks below (complete with mist in front of the bright sun) is one I shall remember forever.

I’ve either experienced four or five countries today. I think I briefly entered Liechtenstein while on the motorway through Switzerland. Is Liechtenstein a country or a principality?

The official list is: Germany -> Austria -> Switzerland -> Italy

Switzerland is how I remembered it – clean, nice, good driving, etc. Crossing into Italy was stark, especially as the first encounter is the city/town of Como.

Turn signals – what are they???

Navigating twisty streets was not as scary as I presumed, and provided contrast to the previous (although gorgeous) motorway stretch. Quite a giggle, actually :).

An Italian chap (riding a shiny new Triumph something-or-other) pointed me in the right direction for campsites on lake Como. The one that I’ve landed at is actually a bit naff, but it’ll do.

The bike has a grinding noise that I’ve not pinned down. I suspect that a set of front wheel bearings is failing, but it may just be the brakes sticking. I hope it’s the brakes – easier to fix.

My pitch has a tree on it so I can strap up the bike. I think I’ll stay here 2 nights and go over the bike tomorrow. A good thing anyway after 1,000 miles.

The villages between Como and Menaggio were amazing. Couples kissing on street corners, scooters everywhere, and each village looked to be an exact rip-off of Port Meirion! EXACT! Eerie indeed. Speaking of which, I hope this naff campsite has proper facilities for number two.

It’s soooo nice being able to sit outside, next to the bike and enjoying a beer (wearing dry clothes). A much welcome change to the previous four days of utter sigginess!

At 2 Euro per beer, I think another…

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