Still Wet

It was nice waking up this morning in a bed with a duvet, and there was NO RAIN OUTSIDE! YEAH!

Today I wanted to put some miles under my (still not dry) belt. I made good time past Strasbourg, and even rode through Leominster’s twin town “Saverne”. Memories of Dom’s Bike Stop caused me to remember my fondness for eating bacon outdoors :).

I managed a “first” just outside Strasbourg – I went to a Lidl. Munching on (great) cheese and bread in the Lidl car park got me some funny looks and a “bon voyage” from the chap parked next to me.

Pushin on, I got into Germany. What a clean, nice place it is. I’d forgotten how nice the roads are here. Keeping off the highways makes the going slow, but gorgeous. A series of picture-perfect villages embraced by their valleys and hills.

The [14] from Tuttlingen to Stockach has been the riding highlight so far. Fun as it was on the XT, it would’ve been amazing on a sports bike. I considered setting my hair on fire and sticking a wasp up my bum in an attempt to create the experience that I could’ve had on the Bandit, but I couldn’t find a wasp.

While paused for a coffee just north of Stockach, a local chap (who spoke no English) and I (who speaks very little German) poured over my map for a nice route to Friedrichshafen. Frustrated with my map, he gave me his local map and told me to take the old road. It would’ve been awesome too, but the heavens opened again – properly.

I’m sat in a campsite bar in Hagnau with a beer and a lovely Dutch couple, hoping things dry out a bit before tomorrow.

I’ve been told that the weather gets better on the other side of the Alps so I think I’ll push for Italy tomorrow.

This campsite, although quite managed, is nice. Lots of motorhomes and caravans and we overlook the lake. My mum would love spending some time here with her new caravan.

By practicing my pigeon languages, so far people have assumed me to be Dutch, Polish or German. The campsite chap here is the only one to have guessed me as a Brit!

In fact, I’ve not seen a single Brit or UK number plate since Calais. I guess it’s too early in the season? Lots of Dutch – always willing to chat and offer advice. They do love their caravans and motorhomes!

German food rocks! Everything seems to be a variant of either hot dogs or pan-fried gammon. I could live here. I would even switch from drinking bitter to drinking lager.

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